Adding Cannabis Into Your High-Energy Lifestyle

Work. Family. Stress. Can cannabis bring balance to your high-energy lifestyle?

There’s probably a ton going on in your bubble and managing it all can be, well, challenging. Between work, family responsibilities and nailing down the self-care routine, it can all be extraordinarily overwhelming. When you think you’ve got a handle on squeezing the most out of every last usable minute in your day, a global pandemic lands squarely on your additional-problems-to-solve list. Is it time to consider adding cannabis into your high-energy lifestyle?

It’s definitely worth considering, but first do some research by learning how to safely experiment with cannabis dosages.

Cannabis may help manage anxiety,
stress and sleep challenges
like a champ.

The Benefits of Adding Cannabis to Your Lifestyle

Cannabis may help manage anxiety, stress and sleep challenges like a champ. It may also help with recovery from sports injuries by bringing compounds called phytocannabinoids to the table. Phytocannabinoids communicate with receptors in our bodies that address inflammation by facilitating internal equilibrium processes. Other benefits can be discovered by experimenting with different ways of consuming cannabis. Edibles—think gummies and baked goods infused with cannabutter—could bring a whole body high, perfect for quiet evening meditation sessions. Meanwhile, topicals may offer a less intense method of introducing THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, into your body. By bringing a sense of adventure and curiosity to cannabis consumption, you can uncover an array of benefits unique only to you.

Don’t forget that common sense is a key ingredient to bring on your journey of adding cannabis into your high-energy lifestyle.

Timing is Key

You might be wondering, when is the best time to consume cannabis with your high-energy lifestyle? Try experimenting with CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, with your early morning routines. A drop or two of CBD oil in the coffee, smoothie or under the tongue before your stressful public transit commute or intense first workout of the day may bring a sense of calm positivity to the mix.

Enjoying a sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid strain before setting off on an ocean paddle or big hike through the mountains would be the best way to experience what high performing athletes call the flow state. The flow state is a physiological phenomenon best described as experiencing a heightened sense of being in the moment coupled with a fluid sense of focus and purpose.

In the evening, consuming an indica or indica-dominant strain could set the tone for a beautiful spa treatment, meditation session or creative artistic outpouring. Some folks report experiencing a tangible link between cannabis and creativity.

Of course, all of these activities are best done with a sober buddy, particularly if you are new to cannabis consumption.

The Big Picture

If you are wondering how cannabis consumption might affect your life over time, you are not alone. Folks that have successfully added cannabis into their high-energy lifestyle report spending time intentionally experimenting with the vast array of products and strains available today.

Journaling your cannabis-infused lifestyle is a great way to tune up the benefits and tune out the possibly negative side effects.

Start with smaller dosages and explore within your personal limits to gain access to the benefits. Some folks completely avoid edibles due to the long-haul high that may be experienced, as well as timing consumption with life events that are best spent sober. You know, things like the birth of your first child, proposing to the love of your life and anything job related.

Happy experimentation and exploration.