Cannabis As Nature Intended

Complex, aromatic and full of flavour, our sustainably grown cannabis is a true reflection of the organic process we celebrate.

Grown the right way, not the easy way.

We want to do things the right way, so that the cannabis products are those we can be truly proud of. And if that means slowing down, paring back and working harder, so be it. 


The sun to grow

Full-spectrum, natural sunlight not only allows plants to express their full aroma but it's also a more sustainable approach to farming. When the BC weather doesn’t co-operate, we use a supplemental high-efficiency LED system to give the plants the light they need.


The 100-mile diet

Our magic ingredient is our ‘organic soil’ - a secret blend of natural inputs sourced from the wild coast of BC. We feed each of our cultivars a bespoke blend of kelp, bark, fish meal and other ingredients to boost their growth and protect them from disease.


The slow cure

A dedicated team of growers tends every crop throughout the life cyle of each plant. When the time comes, we harvest each flower by hand then immediately hang them for 14 days in a temperature- and humidity-controlled curing room. We turn off the lights and wait.

From our hands to yours

Producing consistently high-quality organic products—all the way from seed to store—takes a lot of hands. A lot of dedicated, expertly trained hands. Fusing traditional growing practices and innovative technologies, our passionate team keeps moving the cannabis industry forward.


What Is Cannabis Tolerance

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