Our Packagers

There’s more to packaging than merely placing cannabis in a container. You could say our team has mastered the delicate art of handling our cannabis in the most precise and careful manner, preserving the true integrity of every cultivar.

"Packaging by hand means
we have a better visual control on
what we're giving to our customers"

More than just pretty packaging

The recipe cards

For our cultivars, we have developed a packaging formula that combines a predetermined number of nugs in differing sizes so that you are always guaranteed a consistent and appealing number of buds.

A perfect seal

We seal our products to preserve freshness and to avoid drying. We believe the experience begins as soon as you crack open the container and the room-filling aroma engulfs you.

A visual check

At every step on the line, various team members do visual checks—when placing the products in the containers, when sealing and again when closing the lid—to ensure not only the right texture of our buds but also the quality and correct number or weight included in the packaging.