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We're not just growers, we're stewards of the craft and our environment. Producing organic and sustainable cannabis through a dedicated, nature-forward, approach


Grown raw, organic and sustainably, our flower is nature in it's truest form.

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Made with our raw whole flower and nothing else. We take fresh buds, mill to perfection and then expertly roll with 100% organic hemp paper, and finish by hand.

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We've taken our most popular cultivars and crafted them into Canada's first certified-organic, single-strain hash. A true reflection of our organic flower, this is has the way it was always meant to be.

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Live Rosin

Crafted from fresh frozen flower grown in organic soil, our live rosin preserves the plant’s natural compounds for an enhanced cannabinoid and terpene profile.

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We’ve formulated the ideal products from our single-strain cured whole flower for these pods, which are organic certified.

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What Is Cannabis Tolerance

Cannabis tolerance: what is it and can you develop one? It’s all about balance. Learn if, and when, you need to take a tolerance break.