Best Cannabis Strains for a Better Orgasm

The cannabis-and-sex puzzle might remain a mystery, but some studies have found that your favourite flower might help light the flame for a roll in the hay. We’re willing to give it a try. You?

New benefits associated with responsible cannabis consumption are coming to light more frequently now that cannabis is legal and its use more widespread. You’ve probably already heard that cannabinoids like CBD and THC may help relieve stress, ease anxiety and reduce inflammation. So what about sex and cannabis? Now that we have your attention let’s get under the covers to explore the possible cannabis effects on the highest point of sexual excitement: the orgasm.

Some folks attribute increased sex drive, orgasms and intensified sensory pleasure to cannabis consumption, which in turn could help decrease some of the more common anxieties and stresses that people experience between the sheets. If shyness, awkwardness and/or self consciousness come to mind, trust us that you’re not alone in feeling that way.

How can cannabis affect an orgasm?

Let’s jump in at the climax. While often relatively straightforward for men, orgasms can be an elusive pursuit for many women, often due to poor public education, social stigmas and misinformation.

While it is still early days with cannabis research and orgasms, a 2017 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that 68.5% of people found increased pleasure when combining cannabis with a roll in the hay. The study reports that endocannabinoids may help to regulate sexual function through cannabinoid receptors, which have been mapped to several areas of the brain that play a role in sexual function and orgasms.

What this implies more plainly is that with cannabis involved, the brain might be better attuned to an individual’s sexual desires, increasing the chances of riding the love wave all the way to climax.

What makes a good cannabis strain for orgasms?

Searching for a good strain to bring to your next horizontal lift off is exactly that, a search. Keep in mind that finding a cannabis strain that works for you is an individual journey very much linked to your unique cannabinoid receptors’ response to the vast line-up of strains available today. The good news? If you love doing this kind of research, well, chances are you’re gonna have a swell time.

What might make one person’s boat float might sink another’s, which is why some experts recommend shifting the focus from cannabis strain selection to method of consumption. Smoking cannabis is the speediest way to feel psychotropic or mood-enhancing effects, while edibles and topicals can take up to an hour before you perceive results. This makes paying attention to dosage amounts important. The general recommendation is to start low and go slow with dosages and think about having some high-quality CBD, like BC Organic Charlotte’s CBD, on hand to dial down the high if you feel the need. Keep in mind that alcohol has the opposite effect, meaning that if you combine cannabis with a glass of wine or a beer, you might feel even more high and even experience nausea and paranoia.

What are the best strains for a better orgasm?

Once you’ve got a handle on methods of consumption and dosage amounts, you may want to dive more deeply into the experience by choosing a strain that will attune best to your desired orgasmic pursuits. If you are worried about consuming cannabis and falling asleep at the wheel, go for a high-energy strain such as a sativa like BC Organic Blue Dream. For a more romantic, relaxing vibe, seek out an indica like BC Organic Apple Toffee.

If you are on the hunt for a mind-blowing orgasm with your partner and want to feel blissed out at the same time, plan ahead and do some solo research. Consider climaxing while trying out your favourite strain and take notes on time lapsed between consumption and feeling the effects, and how your orgasm may have been influenced. Ask your partner to do the same then take your research and sit down together to talk about ways to align your findings. When you’ve come up with a game plan, let go of expectations and go with the flow.

You can’t rush a good thing—and orgasms are no exception.