Our Nursery

Two decades of experience working with organic produce have taught the team a lot about the delicate subtleties involved with growing different strains. Working from a ‘library’ of more than 100 varietals, they work to understand how different cultivars should be nurtured from their infancy—as a cloned clipping from a mother plant—into a healthy, vibrant crop for harvest.

"We have over 100 different cultivars -
it's a big job caring for those and
maintaining the genetics that we have."

What makes a Simply Bare strain?

A secret library

At any one time, we have more than 50 cultivars under lock and key. The teams spends their days analyzing them under different conditions to see whether they can make the grade as a Simply Bare product.

The mother lode

Every strain is cloned using a clipping from a mother plant that has been saved from the previous harvest. This strengthens the genetics and enriches the THC and terpenes while reducing the risk of disease.

Humidity conditioning

We coax very young plants to grow successfully within our exact conditions, such as exposing them to humidity for increasingly long periods of time to accelerate growth through their adolescent stages.