Our Growers

Our growers spend their days lapping the greenhouse, getting to know each crop as best they can, tending to each plant by hand everyday. Over the course of decades working in cannabis, they have developed a sixth sense to know when the plants have reached maximum THC and complexity in terpenes, making them ready for harvest.

"Working as a grower is basically
like having 30,000 babies to
keep an eye on at all times!"

What it takes to grow

The daily rounds

The secret to growing organically really is attention to detail. Every plant must be inspected every day to make sure it's thriving in its conditions, and is safe from invasive species or diseases.

A bug eat bug world

Being certified organic means no pesticides. But pests need to be handled somehow. They introduce insects into the greenhouse environment that will round out the natural ecosystem and keep dangerous pests at bay.

Timing is everything

When a plant gets toward the natural end of its growth cycle, all attention turns to a harvest date. For our growers, the difference between taking a plant down one day and the next can have huge implications for the size of the nugs, the terpene and THC levels, and its longevity once dried.