All that We Need

Nature Provides

We wanted to grow a purer, simpler, more sustainable cannabis. We wanted to do things right, work with nature not against her. If that meant slowing down, paring back and working harder, so be it.

Simply Bare is Canada’s first and only Organic Certified greenhouse-grown cannabis, raised in living soil under the BC sun, slow-cured for 14 days and FVOPA certified. You’ll know it the second you open the glass jar and the rich aroma fills the room; this is BC bud done right. Nothing added, nothing taken away: Simply Bare.

Our Organic Certified

Premium Cannabis Flowers

BC Organic Sour Cookies

Sativa Dominant | High THC | Low CBD

BC Organic Blue Dream

Sativa | High THC | Low CBD

BC Organic Creek Congo

Sativa | High THC | Low CBD

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