LIVING Soil Specialist

Born from the elements, our organic soil expert has used his 20-years experience to craft a unique blend of raw inputs. Which results in the growth of the best organic cannabis on earth.

Our soil is a proprietary blend of structural and nutritional components drawn from British Columbias ocean, forests, fields and mountains. We source Douglas Fir from the sunshine coast; kelp from the shores of Salt Spring Island and glacial rock dust from Whistler.

The recipe is tweaked to suit the unique diet of each cultivar and it's seasons and stages of growth. This provides the best possible ecosystem for each plant, allowing it to develop optimal THC levels and terpene profiles.

“Soil is often overlooked but,
in actual fact, it is the most vital
element to the lifecycle of a plant.”

The Life Of Our Soil


From Sea to Sky

From BC's Sunshine Coast and Gulf Islands, to the glacial dust of it's mountain ranges, the aim is to replicate the diversity of our local environment inside every plant pot.


Respect For Our Resources

It's vital that everything is sourced sustainably and respectfully. There are long held relationships with First Nations Guardians on the Sunshine Coast to ensure our inputs are not detrimental to the environment we source them from.


Nature's Little Helpers

In addition to these ingredients we add other living organisms to the mix. They help convert the soil into richer nutrients that our plants can more easily access.

Our Organic-Certified Premium Cultivars

Explore our range of cultivars, handcrafted in the Fraser Valley, BC.