Our Organic
Certified Premium
Cannabis Products

Our journey of hard work and dedication has brought these beautiful
organic cannabis products into the world. We work hand in-hand with
nature every step of the process, starting with our living soil.
Our plants are nourished with fresh water, drenched in plenty of BC
sunlight, and grown without the use of anything harmful or artificial.
After harvest, our plants are hang dried for 14 days then cold cured.
It’s a long and slow process but it produces superior cannabis with
high levels of terpene retention, cannabinoid potency and just the right
amount of moisture.
By adding nothing and taking nothing away, our plants have the
chance to fully express themselves.
That means organic certified cannabis products with plenty of aroma.

Dried Flower

Our dried flower is the ultimate representation of Simply Bare. Organic certified, grown naturally in hand-mixed living soil, hang-dried for 14 days and air-sealed in a glass jar to reach you with an unmistakable aroma that fills the room.


Simply Bare’s single strain hash is hand pressed through a unique process perfected over years of experimentation. We start by tumbling our living-soil and sun grown flower as soon as it is cured and we complete the process by hand cutting into an earthy brown hash.  

Live Rosin

Made from our fresh-frozen, terpene-rich whole flower with all the delicate goodness extracted from it to form a rich, potent sap. Untouched by solvents to give a pure cannabis experience.


Our Simply Bare Organic PAX Era Smart Pods are a full expression of the flower. We've formulated the ideal products from our single-strain cured whole flower for these pods and are FVOPA organic certified.


Simply Bare pre-rolls contain our FVOPA Organic Certified whole flower and nothing else. Our flower is grown in living soil, hang-dried for 14 days and cold cured. We take fresh buds, mill to perfection and then roll with 100% organic hemp paper. Each one hand finished.

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