Jesse McConnell, an organic cannabis producer former co-founder of Whistler Cannabis Co., and Peter Doig, an expert in organic vegetable production, were brought together by passion: to grow organically and sustainably with the expertise to get every detail absolutely right. And so, in 2015, they founded Rubicon Organics, the producer of Simply Bare. Since then, the team has grown into a bigger operation, but the core values remain.
We’re authentic: Simply Bare started because we wanted to provide a cleaner, more sustainable cannabis for Canadians. A cannabis without additives, preservatives, or unnecessary extras. It’s been our guiding principle from day one and we’ve never lost sight of our mission.

Always natural: We don’t subscribe to the idea that the natural world can be perfected or enhanced. Instead, we went back to basics and learned to work with nature in order to grow a truly remarkable cannabis product.

We’re artisans: We’re dedicated to crafting the highest quality organic cannabis through hands-on care and passion every step of the way.

We are on a mission to bring the finest BC Bud to the world, and we can only do this by staying true to our values, not being taken by fads, gimmicks, or short cuts.

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