Our History

Simply Bare is the first brand from Rubicon Organics. Our mission is simple: to grow the best organic cannabis in Canada. Our hybrid greenhouse, nestled in BC’s Fraser Valley, produces some of the purest, tastiest cannabis using natural and traditional inputs of sun, soil and water.


Who We Are

Simply Bare was founded by organic cannabis cultivator Jesse McConnell and agronomist and organic vegetable pioneer Peter Doig in 2015. We’ve grown a little since then, but we’re still a close-knit operation, dedicated to crafting the best organic cannabis for all Canadians.



Organic Cannabis

Our greenhouse basks in natural sunlight, but when the weather isn’t cooperating, we give it a hand with our full-spectrum grow lights.


Our Living Soil

Our hand-mixed living soil is made with locally sourced ingredients. It gives plants everything they need to fully express themselves which means full buds and incredible aromas.


Craft Cannabis

“Craft” isn’t just a word we use because it’s fashionable. It’s something we actually practice. It’s in all the details that go into producing the best bud like hand-harvesting, 14 day hang-drying, and placing only the best buds into each glass jar.


Get More Bare

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