How To Keep Your Cannabis Fresh For Longer

New to having cannabis in your humble abode? Whether you’re a solo smoker or you’d like to have a bowl prepared for guests when they’re over, we want to help make sure you keep your flower fresh as long as possible.

If your bud isn’t packed up nice and tight and left in the right place, your cannabis could become dry, stale, or even moldy. But don’t worry, we’ll go over how to avoid such terrible fate for your precious cargo.


Can Cannabis Go Bad?

One of the most common questions we hear is whether cannabis can go bad or not. Unfortunately, the answer is yes, yes it can. Since cannabis is a plant, it can go bad if not properly stored. And there are three main elements that can cause this to happen: air, light/heat, and moisture 

First off, if your cannabis stash is exposed to too much air, it can lose its potency and aroma. Leaving your buds on a table overnight or forgetting to close the container it comes in is the most common malpractice. Rookie mistake (but we’ve been there too).

Light exposure can damage your cannabis and its terpenes. The terpenes are molecules that give cannabis that unmistakable smell. They also play a part in the taste of your flower too. To keep the terpenes intact, avoid putting your cannabis near artificial or natural light.

Heat is another factor to watch out for. Light creates heat, but so can electronic devices, such as a microwave or oven, that’s next to the cabinet where you store your stash.

We’re tempted to say, moisture can be the biggest problem. Us cannabis growers and cultivators spend lots of time and energy making sure mold won’t form during the plant’s time at our greenhouse. So, when your beautifully cured and trimmed buds get delivered, make sure you do the same.

While we’re proud of all you plant-parents out there, unlike your growing succulent collection, keep your flower away from wet or moist areas of your home, like the bathroom or near windows.


How To Keep Your Cannabis Fresh

One of the best ways to make cannabis last longer is to store it inside a jar with an air-tight lid. Ideally, the jar will be made of non-porous material that’s also non-transparent, smell-proof, and durable.

If the packaging your cannabis arrives in doesn’t meet these needs, a jar similar to what you need can likely be found in your Tupperware drawer, and will help maintain the flavours, aroma, and potency more effectively than anything else.

If you want to take your storage container up a notch, shop for a dark-coloured or opaque (non-transparent) glass. They’re even better than clear glass because they can stop UV light from penetrating the jar. In turn, you lower the risk of harmful exposure to light.

Where To Store Cannabis To Conserve Aroma

As we mentioned earlier, avoid storing your cannabis in the bathroom or kitchen where moisture and heat can be a problem. Think about a cabinet, closet, or drawer in your home that doesn’t experience changes in temperature and that doesn’t have a light inside it.

As you begin to develop your own rituals around smoking cannabis, we know you’ll find the perfect nook that’s both accessible (but child-safe!) and essential for your flower’s safety. These suggestions can preserve the divine flavour and quality of the cannabis buds to keep them fresh, long-lasting and effective.