Cannabis for Flu & Colds

Flus and colds are a drag. They make you feel weak, tired and ever-so grumpy, which makes finding effective ways to dampen the negative effects of colds and flus an important endeavour. Whether you currently consume cannabis or are on the fence, there may be good reason to include an organic cultivar by Simply Bare in your future flu and cold treatment regime.

Common symptoms of flus and colds

Headache, runny nose, dry cough and a general feeling of malaise characterize most common flus and colds, however some illnesses can include body aches, sweating and high fevers. In most cases, folks can recover from colds and flus in a few days with some symptoms hanging on for weeks. Consider contacting your family nurse practitioner or physician if symptoms are severe and sustained.

Can cannabis help?

While evidence-based research on cannabis, colds and flus is hard to find, holistic naturopathic based medicine finds that the positive benefits of CBD and THC may help in treating colds and flus. CBD and THC are known for anti-inflammatory effects as well as positively influencing stress and anxiety and helping with getting a good night’s sleep—all things we need when we are down and out with a bad cold or flu. Some research has shown that cannabinoids may influence the immune system positively as well. One universal caution is to avoid smoking cannabis as a means of consumption. This makes sense, right? Inhaling hot smoke down an already inflamed, phlegmy windpipe flies in the face of common sense. Infusing cannabis into your soups, teas and balms might be the way to go.

Infusing cannabis into cold and flu treatment

Hot drinks when feeling the effects of colds and flus are always a welcome remedy. A nice cup of healing cannabis tea with canna-honey will definitely hit the spot. The great thing about this tea is that, when prepared properly, it has low to no psychoactive effects and has healing terpenes that appear to reduce inflammation, relieve joint pain and cramps. This means you can have this tea going on a slow drip all day. Another excellent way to bring cannabis to your treatment regime is through slurping some cannabis-infused bone broth soup. The paleo heads out there know that bone broth is an excellent way to hydrate and consume healthy fats and proteins. Preparing a big pot of cannabis-infused soup is an excellent way to control the dosage amount while bringing warm, cozy soup to the get-well-soon party.

If soups and teas are not your jam, you can find THC-infused bath bombs, cannabis-infused sleep aid oils and delicious smoothy recipes elsewhere in this Journal. Check out all recipes here.

Best strain for the cold and flu

Looking for strains high in CBD, the cannabinoid most closely linked to anti-inflammatory, anxiety reduction and mood improvement, could be a great possible choice when looking for a complement to your cold and flu treatment. If you are feeling well enough to consume strains with THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid, it might be a good idea to look for a hybrid strain (think BC Organic Apple Toffee) with CBD in the mix. Going this route can bring benefits of a good night’s sleep coupled with the aforementioned CBD benefits.