Cannabis During the Time of COVID

Wondering if cannabis could possibly help fight the illness currently affecting the whole world. Read on to learn about cannabis in the era of COVID-19.

What is Coronavirus?

COVID-19 is a new coronavirus affecting humans on a global scale. It’s part of a family of seven coronaviruses, with four of them causing the common cold (nose, throat) and two of them causing respiratory illness (lungs). COVID-19 is a hybrid of its six siblings, affecting the nose, throat, and lungs with moderate to extreme severity.

Since early 2020, we continue to become more concerned over COVID-19 and its effects on our long-term health. Many of us are now wondering if supportive care like cannabis can be helpful in Covid-19 prevention and recovery. As a result, we have a lot of questions about smoking weed with COVID, and the impacts of edibles, THC, and CBD on our health during this pandemic.

Smoking cannabis with COVID-19, is it safe?

It sure isn’t…but that depends. Common sense tells us that vaping and smoking aren’t the best candidates in healing the lungs but, no worries, better alternatives exist. Taking small doses of edibles, tinctures, and infusions are a good way to stay on the safe side (read about How to Safely Experiment with Cannabis Dosages for more info). These forms of cannabis may help relieve some of those body aches and inflammation of the airways and might increase relaxation for better sleep. We suggest nourishing doses like cannabis-infused bone broths, teas, and smoothies to help contribute to your healing process.

If you really want to have that joint or vape though, use a flower or bud that’s preferably higher in CBD to get more out of cannabis’ medicinal properties. Oh, and make it a solo experience; save the puff, puff, pass for a post-pandemic party.

How has the production of cannabis been affected?

In case you were wondering, the pandemic initially did bring a few challenges to the production and distribution of cannabis. Shipment delays of cultivation materials as well as employee quarantines have affected cannabis supply, as the demand for cannabis products surges over the course of the pandemic. However, with cannabis deemed as an “essential business” in legal market areas, cannabis producers are making sure supply is keeping up with the demand. And our research tells us that there isn’t any indication of an impending cannabis shortage.

Producers have amped up their communication channels with their suppliers and have maximized their plant numbers, as meeting this increased demand is a high priority. On top of that, producers are utilizing staggering strategies so that they can continuously cultivate cannabis at various stages of the growth cycle. Maintaining an ongoing harvest schedule eases their production and packaging, and expedites speed at which the product reaches the market. Now that’s one less thing to worry about.

Are budtenders and cannabis stores still open?

Yup. In fact, more have opened up in some areas. Crazy, right? COVID-19 restrictions may have created some serious roadblocks to sniffing a new favourite flower but because of record-breaking sales, more access is needed. And if the supply is there, as clearly stated above, then why not? A little boost in e-commerce, reliable delivery service, and a curbside pick-up options are just a few of the much-needed enhancements that budtenders and retailers are doing to make it happen.

Like we said, cannabis retailers and producers are on every province’s essential services list, meaning regulated cannabis businesses can keep operating and are encouraged to remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can cannabis cure coronavirus?

With the healing properties of cannabis becoming more recognized, we are beginning to wonder if cannabis can help cure coronavirus. Unfortunately, there is no real evidence to support this theory and wish we could say otherwise. But studies are beginning to show that CBD may have a lot of potential in fighting against COVID-19 because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabis could improve the condition of COVID-19 patients by reducing a cytokine storm (extreme increase of proinflammatory proteins) and protecting lung tissue from inflammatory damage, according to this research.

Although this recent research is super dope and shows the potential of cannabis in the fight against COVID-19, please be sure to consult your doctor first.