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Organic Certified means that all the materials and processes involved in growing our cannabis have been independently verified as being organic.

Organic standards dictate not only what products can be used on a crop but also the nature of the soil, water, and processes in place to prevent any non-organic contamination which may impact the plant’s growth or genetics.

Simply Bare’s organic processes protect the plant from genetic altering substances, restrict our environmental footprint, and ensures we know exactly what goes into our products.

Simply Bare has received Organic Certification from the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA). If you’re a lover of organic fruit and vegetables you probably already know that FVOPA is the gold standard when it comes to organic certification.

No, only cannabis that has been officially certified as organic can claim it. Currently there are only 6 cannabis producers in Canada that are organic certified.

No. As part of our organic certification we cannot use methods like irradiation or any treatment that could potentially alter the genetic make-up of the plant.


We grow in a hybrid greenhouse facility which means that our plants are exposed to natural sunlight, but we’re also able to monitor and control the environment inside. So we use supplemental high-efficiency LEDs to give the sun a helping hand and can alter other factors. This means our cannabis is grown as naturally as possible without any artificial inputs and preserves all the beautiful aromas and taste.

We are one of the very few producers who grow our cannabis in living soil. We have chosen to do this because we believe it simply produces better cannabis. Unlike hydroponics which is commonly used, we don’t dictate exactly what nutrients the plants get. Instead our living soil is an ecosystem of organic matter working in harmony to break down inputs and make them ‘bio-available’ to the plants. We hand-mix our soil combining ingredients like Douglas fir bark, kelp, fish meal and coco.

Most producers tray dry their cannabis quickly. We do things differently. Hang-drying is exactly how it sounds – taking the freshly harvested cannabis stems and hanging them up to dry. It’s not the hanging itself which is important but the fact we do it for 14 days in a temperature and humidity-controlled room with the lights turned off. This slow, controlled method means that the flower retains it THCs and terpenes and ensure it’s just the right moisture level.

Why thank you and we’re glad you asked. We believe that organic cannabis, looked after by hand and carefully and slowly dried and cured simply produces the best smelling and best tasting cannabis out there.

We grow in as natural environment as possible and just like growing any product there are bugs and other pests out there. However, as we’re an organic certified product all our processes and inputs are carefully monitored. We never use artificial pesticides and instead employ Integrated Pest Management which means lots of different actions working together. For example we introduce nice bugs that eat the not-so-nice ones.

Looking after the earth is part of our mission and we’re committed to sustainability in everything we do. We’re on our way to reaching standards of an Environmental Farm Plan including continuing towards 100% rainwater recycling, carbon capture and re-use and net-zero energy and waste.

Everything we do is guided by trying to grow the best cannabis on earth, for the earth. Firstly glass packaging is better than plastic at preserving the delicate terpenes in the flower and means the product gets to you in the best possible condition. Secondly glass can easily be recycled or, even better, re-used.

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