What Smoking Device To Use

What Smoking Device To Use

Ready to light up? Before you try cannabis for the very first time—or maybe you want to try something new—here’s our complete guide to cannabis smoking devices.

As an informed consumer, you have done your research, chosen the very best ​organic artisanal cannabis​ and you are ready to enjoy the many benefits of this wonderful plant in your life. Things are already looking more relaxing, except for one final decision: what are you going to use to smoke it? Though the choices are plenty, we’re here to guide you through the most popular options. So before you light up, read up.

What is a cannabis smoking device?

A cannabis smoking device is any device that is used to consume cannabis, by inhaling the smoke or vapor from the heating up of the plant’s flowers or THC in its many other forms. The inhalation into the lungs is the most common way to consume cannabis and generally has the most rapid and predictable effect to other forms of THC consumption, like ingesting.

Visit any smoke shop and you will find a dazzling array of smoking devices that will function for many different desired effects. Modern design has expanded the wow factor of these smoking tools and advanced ways to improve the user’s experience.

Different types of cannabis smoking devices

Though the choices can feel endless, there are a few classic devices that will have you spark up and chill out quickly and efficiently.

Bong & Pipe

The most recognizable—and arguably the most portrayed in media—way to consume cannabis is the bong or pipe. These smoking instruments come in literally any shape and size that you can think of, from giant blown glass bongs to tiny one-hit pipes.

Bongs function by using water or gravity to pull the smoke from the lit cannabis creating a chamber by which to breathe in the smoke. Bong users enjoy benefits such as smoke that has been cooled down by the water, leaving the lungs feeling less irritated and damaged. Smoke passing through water can also remove some toxins and impurities that would otherwise end up in your lungs.

Pipes work similarly but are much more user-friendly and easily transportable. Consumers can enjoy a hit or two quickly and easily with a handheld pipe. Pipes are easy to clean, affordable, and as unique as you are.


Vaporizers (or vape pens) are smoking devices that enable the cannabis consumer to inhale vapor instead of smoke. Vaping has been touted as the potentially healthier option to smoking because a vaporized concentration of the active ingredients in cannabis is being inhaled instead of smoke. One can use vaporizers with cannabis flower (like ​an organically grown sativa​) or with oils, concentrates or butters.

Vaporizers travel really easily and are very discreet. There is little to no scent associated with using a vaporizer to consume cannabis and because of the design, no possibility of spillage of cannabis or ash.


The joint is the most time honoured, simple way to consume cannabis flower. Who doesn’t love a classic, clean rolled joint? The only thing you need are some papers, maybe a filter and practice. Check out some tips on how to roll the perfect joint ​here. If learning to roll a joint is a little too technical for you, many suppliers sell ​pre-rolls​.

Finding the best smoking device to use

The best smoking device to choose depends on some personal factors. Consider the frequency that you smoke, the place that you will be smoking and your preferred cannabis product when choosing your desired device. If you will be smoking at home frequently, a beautiful glass water bong might be the best choice. The ability to change the water, clean the bong and keep it in a safe place is better in a home environment. Pair an epic bong hit with a ​smooth smoking indica​ for a truly immersive cannabis experience.

If the majority of your cannabis consumption will be on-the-go or travelling, a vaporizer is the device for you. Clean, light and travels easily, a vape pen will give you a hit of THC whenever you need it, with no one being the wiser. Choose a ​vibrant sativa​ for your travel smoking device; pack up the vape, and your day will unfold like normal (but just a little better).

So whichever way you decide to appreciate your cannabis, the choices for methods of consumption are plentiful. Make sure to choose cannabis that ​is organic and grown with care​ to ensure the freshest and most enjoyable experience.

As Cypress Hill said: “Roll it up, light it up, smoke it up. Inhale, exhale.”

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