Welcome to Simply Bare

Welcome to Simply Bare

Oh hello there. 

Welcome to Simply Bare. We grow organic certified cannabis in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Our mission is to grow the best cannabis on earth, for the earth. Simple as that. Well, if we’re being honest, it’s not that simple but you’ve got to aim high, right?

A natural passion 

It has always been our dream to grow the most flavourful cannabis by using only organic ingredients and processes. So, in order to produce high-quality flower for our fellow Canadians, we wanted to go “back to the basics” to a purer, more natural cannabis. Keeping this in mind, we set out to work with the land along with a group of equally passionate individuals who now comprise our tight-knit team. We guess you could say it all happened… pretty naturally. 

We believe that growing the best cannabis on Earth must also benefit the Earth. You see, our founders don’t just believe in longevity, they live and breath, sustainability. Jesse McConnell, an organic cannabis producer and former co-founder of Whistler Cannabis Co., and Peter Doig, an expert in organic vegetable production, were brought together by passion: to grow organically and sustainably with the expertise to get every detail absolutely right. And, in 2015, they founded Rubicon Organics, the company that produces what you now know as Simply Bare. 

Our first Canadian greenhouse landed us in the fertile Fraser Valley in Delta, BC–a place we knew we could grow legendary BC bud organically. We also know that the happiest plants are those raised naturally, and since day one, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with nature every step of the process: by planting our seeds in hand-mixed living soil, nourishing them with fresh water, and growing them under the warm golden light of BC sun. We’re especially careful not to strip anything away or add anything artificial. For example, instead of artificial pesticides, we enlist the help of nice bugs to eat the not so nice ones when we need to.

Once settled into the place that we now call home, our Canadian growing license was awarded to us in February 2019, followed by our organic certification from the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA) that spring. If you’re a lover of organic fruits and vegetables, you may already know that FVOPA is the gold standard when it comes to organic certification – so we’re pretty proud to say that our cannabis got the green light in this category. As we continue towards 100% rainwater recycling, carbon capture and reuse, and net-zero energy and waste -we’ve also become the first cannabis producer to achieve standards of an Environmental Farm Plan (excuse us, we can get pretty passionate about this topic, specifically). 

Crafting history, organically 

Providing cleaner, more sustainable cannabis for Canadians means doing things differently; it means, a cannabis without additives, preservatives, or unnecessary extras. Because of this, the most important factor we must consider is the environment in which we grow. By blending earth, air, and water; we’ve created an ecosystem just as Mother Nature intended. Our diligent water conservation, advanced soil technology, eco-friendly packaging, and ethical partnerships are more than words – they’re the pillars we base our high-quality products on. 


We don’t mind getting our hands dirty if it’s best for our plants. We start with our proprietary blend of living soil which includes only natural ingredients from the Sunshine Coast, BC including Douglas-Fir bark and kelp. Our plants thrive in this nutrient-rich environment giving full, aromatic buds.


You can’t rush great BC bud. That’s why we hang-dry ours for a full 14 days in a temperature and humidity-controlled room. It means we retain those precious terpenes, keep the THC potency up and make sure the bud reaches you with just the right moisture level.


We put only our choicest flower in fully recyclable glass jars and air seal them. You’ll know why the second you open it and the rich aroma just fills the room. This is BC bud done right. Nothing added, nothing taken away: Simply Bare.

The simple truth

We don’t subscribe to the idea that the natural world can be perfected or enhanced. Simply Bare came out of a simple desire to grow the best cannabis using the tools and ingredients that only nature can provide. And while our way is not always easy, we believe it’s the only way to share our finest BC Bud with you and the rest of the world. By staying true to our values, not being taken by fads, gimmicks, or short cuts; the Simply Bare family intends to bring you consistent quality and ongoing positive experiences as we learn and grow sustainably. 

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