Top 9 Pop Songs About Cannabis

Top 9 Pop Songs About Cannabis

Spoiler alert: musicians around the globe have been known to be fans of that sticky green stuff. Maybe a little cannabis and these smooth tunes will expand your mind and get you vibing.

With benefits such as relaxation, heightened creativity, and expanded consciousness, cannabis might be the ultimate musical accompaniment. These nine artists not only (allegedly) like to consume cannabis themselves but have written songs about it, too. If you want to roll up and chill out, these cannabis-themed pop songs might just make the perfect playlist for your next sesh.

1. The Beatles, “Got to Get You Into My Life”
Most think that this 1966 upbeat Beatles hit has to be about a love interest. Like most of their songs at the time, its theme seems to explore love and relationships. But Paul McCartney told a writer that it was actually about cannabis. He had just discovered the mind-expanding benefits with the low side effects and he was (love) struck.

2. Amy Winehouse, “Addicted”
The song “Addicted” has a mournful irony due to the sad and very public struggle Amy Winehouse had with addiction, which ended with her death in 2011. This song pre-dated her suffering and has a lighter theme, “if you’re going to smoke my weed, you gotta pitch in”—a most relatable gripe for us all, amirite?

3. Miley Cyrus, “Dooo It!”
Miley Cyrus has been vocal about her love of the green stuff for years, so making this stoner anthem was the next logical step. With the help of The Flaming Lips, she created a call to action for all her millennial stoner kings and queens, to live, laugh, and smoke…but she ain’t no hippy!

4. D’Angelo, “Brown Sugar”
A smooth and croony baby-makin’ hit, D’Angelo seems to be singing about a lover (a very lucky one indeed) in his 1995 soulful track. But much to the surprise of lovestruck listeners everywhere, it turns out to be about cannabis. A very sexy smoke out if we’ve ever heard one.

5. Neil Young, “Roll Another Number (for the Road)”
Declaring himself “a million miles away” from his cannabis-smoking, hippy days of Woodstock doesn’t do much to convince listeners in this track. Lamenting about not even being able to start his car, this song is a solemn cry from a man in a time of despair.

6. Sublime, “Smoke Two Joints”
Every bumpin’ 90s house party and stoner kids theme song, “Smoke Two Joints” is a fun and upbeat anthem from SoCal pop-punk royalty Sublime. Don’t go trying to look for hidden metaphor or nuance in this one, it is as straightforward as a well-rolled joint—one that we smoke two in the morning and two at night.

7. Rick James, “Mary Jane”
Rick James told Rolling Stone magazine in 1992 that he doesn’t just buy ounces of marijuana but pounds at a time, and this classic funky hit with a sticky green love interest shows that James’ affections are true. As blatant as it was dedicated, “Mary Jane” would be performed by James with life-sized joints as his backup on stage.

8. Weezer, “Hash Pipe”
Weezer brings their patented pop hooks to this cannabis-themed song from their third album Weezer (the Green Album). Though “Hash Pipe” may not have been written by a cannabis user—River’s Cuomo reportedly was consuming Ritalin and tequila the night he penned it—it speaks to the idea that with the right tools, you can always get the girl.

9. Jhené Aiko f/ Rae Sremmurd, “Sativa”
Hearing this dreamy cannabis-shout-out-filled jam at a bar or party might elicit exactly the soulful energy that a funky and pungent sativa could provide. Combine the two together and you have a recipe for a vibe-filled evening. Getting down and dirty to “Sativa” is exactly what Jhene Aiko aims to do in this modern R&B hit.

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