Single Strain Organic Hash is Here

Single Strain Organic Hash is Here

Seeking a new format of naturally grown, handcrafted cannabis? Introducing Canada’s first organic pressed hash.

We are stoked to introduce a single-strain, organic pressed hash to our lineup of terpene-rich, organic certified cannabis products. Arriving in stores in April, the premium pressed hash is crafted from three popular strains: BC Organic Sour Cookies, BC Organic Apple Toffee and BC Organic SFV OG Kush.

Hash, or hashish, is made from the trichomes of cannabis plants, and is rooted in ancient practices used for several thousand years for medicinal and recreational purposes. Since then, hash has evolved significantly and we’re bringing to market the hash of today: clean, smooth and full of aroma to enhance the cannabis experience, whether it’s crumbled into a joint or savoured on its own.

Simply Bare Organic’s pressed hash is the only FVOPA organic certified single-strain hash product available on the market. In a process led by Rubicon’s Director of Cannabis, the hash is crafted in-house at our Delta greenhouse by curing and tumbling our sun-grown flower, then hand-pressed using traditional techniques to ensure quality is not compromised.

BC Organic Sour CKS, a sativa-dominant cultivar creates an earthy hash with potent aromas of sweet and sour, attributed to the dominant terpenes including farnesene, ocimene, caryophyllene, and alpha-Bisabolol.

The indica-leaning BC Organic Apple TFE, a popular cultivar that launched last fall, emits a complex aroma of kush and fruit, with terpenes caryophyllene, farnesene, linalool, and humulene dominant in aroma.

BC Organic SFV OG Kush, another classic indica-dominant cultivar is dominant in limonene, caryophyllene, farnesene, and linalool terpenes, bringing a blend of earthy pine with pungent gas to the nose.

“We’re excited to introduce our premium, single-strain hash to the Canadian market, and provide new and experienced users with a different cannabis experience,” says Jesse McConnell, CEO of Rubicon Organics. “While many consumers may be unfamiliar with hash, it’s been used around the world for centuries and we’ve taken three loved cultivars and delivered an enviable, clean, and aromatic pressed hash. We look forward to hearing how Canadian consumers find their experience, and how they will incorporate it into their cannabis ritual.”

From pressed hash and dried flower to convenient pre-rolls, all Simply Bare terpene-rich cannabis products are grown in living soil and sustainably harvested under the sun in BC’s Fraser Valley.

The new pressed hash will be available in one-gram packages and contains THC content between 37% and 45%.

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