Organic Rich Ramen with Harvest Vegetables and Runny Egg

Organic Rich Ramen with Harvest Vegetables and Runny Egg

by Adam Barski, The Budder Chef, @thebudderchef. Culinary Director at the High-End Dinner Series, @thehighenddinner.

Cultivar:                       BC Organic Creek Congo

Infused Into:               Organic Toasted Sesame Oil

Infusion:                       To keep the unique traits of Simply Bare’s BC Organic Creek Congo cultivar intact as much as possible I made the infusion into sesame oil at a low heat for about 6 hours to pull out the flavors of the cultivar.  Infusing at a lower heat may result in a product that is not as potent as if you were to make an infusion with decarboxylated flower, but it will preserve the flavors and volatile compounds of this exquisite cultivar to pair with the recipe.

Info:     The exotic aromatic notes of the BC Organic Creek Congo pairs well with an intense flavor packed dish such as this ramen.  To accompany all the flavors of the ramen, the Simply Bare BC Organic Creek Congo infused sesame oil is used to simply finish the bowl with a drizzle.  This ensures that the infusion doesn’t get lost in the soup broth as well as easy dosage measuring per portion.


            Egg Marinade:

                        ½ c.                  Organic Soy Sauce

                        1 tsp.                Dashi Broth, granulated

                        ¼ c.                  Filtered Warm Water

                        1 tsp.                Organic Sesame Oil

                        2 – 4                 Free-Range Large Eggs


                        2                      Free Range Chicken Carcass, roasted

                        2 lbs                 Grass Fed Beef bones

                        1 lb                   Grass Fed Pork bones

                        3                      Organic Carrots

                        3                      Organic Celery Ribs

                        3                      Organic Tomatoes, cut in half and slow roasted overnight

                        2                      Organic Onions

                        1                      Organic Leek

                        1                      Organic Parsnip

                        1                      Bunch Organic Parsley

                        ¼ c. (to taste)    Organic Soy Sauce

                        2 tbsp.              Maggi Seasoning, optional

                        (to taste)          Sea Salt & Pepper

                                                Filtered Water, to cover


                        1 c.                   Organic Cabbage, finely shredded

                        ½ c.                  Organic Wild Mushrooms, sauteed

                        4                      Florettes Organic Broccoli, caramelized

                        1 ½ c.                Cooked Ramen Noodles

1 tbsp.              Simply Bare’s BC Creek Congo infused Organic Toasted Sesame Oil



                        Cook eggs in just boiling water for 6 minutes and 25 seconds.  Immediately run them under cold water to stop the cooking process.  Carefully peel the shell – remember the eggs are soft boiled so they will be delicate – and pop them into the marinade.  Let them sit for an hour or two.


                                    The richness of a ramen broth comes from boiling bones for an ample amount of time, and then reducing the stock into a rich broth, be prepared to work on a great broth for 2-3 days.  Use whichever bones you’d prefer, or a combination of bones and carcasses.  Layers of flavors can be achieved by roasting the bones as well.

                        Start by placing your bones in a pot covered with cold water and bringing it to a boil.  Once at a boil carefully drain the bones and put them back into the cleaned pot with fresh cold water.  This is called ‘blanching’ the bones and it is meant to remove impurities.  Bring your blanched bones back up to the boil and turn down to a simmer.

                        If you are working with more delicate bones such as fish or poultry, add your stock vegetables at the beginning as fish stock doesn’t need to simmer for more than 45 minutes, and poultry stock doesn’t need more than a couple hours.

                        If using heavier bones, such as beef or pork, they can be left to simmer for up to 12 hours, in which case it is best to add the stock vegetables halfway, or a couple hours before it is done – whichever is more convenient.

                        To add another layer of flavor, ‘burn’ your onions over a flame if you have it, or give them a hard caramelization in a hot oven before adding into the water.  Another layer of flavor is achieved by adding tomatoes to the stock.  Tomatoes are naturally full of glutamate compounds which will add umami to the broth – for best results slowly dry tomatoes cut in half in your oven, set to its lowest setting, overnight.

                        Once the stock is done it is time to concentrate those flavors.  Yes, you guessed it, here comes another several hours of waiting.  But it’ll be worth it!  Strain your stock into a fresh pot to remove the solids.  With the stock now in a clean pot place it over a high heat and let it reduce.  This will concentrate the flavors and richness of the stock.  You will want to reduce it by  about half, until it is full of flavor and when you have it cooled and stored in the refrigerator it turns into a gelatinous mass.  A gelatinous stock is a beautiful thing!

                        Finish the broth, to taste, by adding soy sauce, maggi seasoning (optional) and salt & pepper.

                        To assemble, cook store bought ramen noodles to package directions, place in a large bowl and pour over very hot broth.  Garnish with thinly sliced cabbage, sautéed mushroom and broccoli.  Carefully slice the egg in half and place that on the top.  Sprinkle sesame seeds and drizzle Simply Bare’s BC Organic Creek Congo infused sesame oil to finish and enjoy!

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