Easy Steps to Roll a Joint Like a Pro

Easy Steps to Roll a Joint Like a Pro

The most classic way to consume cannabis is becoming a lost art. Here, we offer step-by-step instructions to get you rolling your first (or 10th) joint like a pro.

Our world is incredibly automated, digitized and app-ified, to the point that folks have lost the ability to park a car, handwrite a letter, and yes, even roll a joint. Before joint rolling machines, pre-rolled joints and delectable edibles became mainstream, regular folks would hand roll joints and get pretty darn good at it. For those of us who seek to keep the art of joint rolling alive, we’ve put together a beginner’s step-by-step guide. 

Becoming a joint rolling juggernaut takes practice and necessitates copping a few key tools, so pop on some tunes, light a candle, and in no time, youll be twisting up two-paper fatties, cone joints and maybe even a cross joint or two. 

Tools You Need to Roll the Perfect Joint

You will need a grinder or a pair of scissors, a little condiment dish and some rolling papers. If you are using scissors to chop up your cannabis, find a small cup or shot glass to keep things tidy. 

We recommend picking up a package of 1 1/4 Organic Hemp rolling papers by RAWwhich are made from 100% plants and contain no added chalk or dye. Having good quality papers can make or break a joint smoking session as some papers don’t burn evenly or have a nasty chemical taste. Function meets style in the Ohai logo grinder, which is made of four pieces for you to mill, store, and enjoy your most precious herbs.  

How to Roll a Joint

Step 1: Using a flat surface or baking tray, lay out your tools. Take at least two good sized buds and either grind them up with your grinder or chop the buds up by placing the buds in a shot glass and chopping with scissors. Keep chopping or grinding until the cannabis is evenly minced. Place chopped cannabis in a small condiment dish. 

Step 2: Pull out a rolling paper and use you thumb and middle finger to hold the paper around your pointer finger at the end of the paper. Make sure the thin strip of glue at the top of the paper is facing you. 

Step 3: Sprinkle the cannabis evenly in the fold of the paper, as if you are filing a miniature taco. Mmm, tacos. 

Step 4: Gently hold the joint with your thumb and two fingers (with both hands) roll the cannabis gently up and down in the paper. Your goal is to gradually form the chopped cannabis into a lightly compressed cylinder within the paper. 

Step 5: This is arguably the most challenging step and where many people give up—usually because they are already high. Gently roll the edge to the paper closest to you down so it is level with the cannabis cylinder you created in step four. Use your thumb to tuck the paper over to touch the side with the glue about 2 or 3 millimetres below the glue line. Carefully bring the joint to your moist tongue and slowly lick from left to right ensuring saliva coats all of the glue strip lightly. Nowroll up with your thumb and make the seal.  

Pro Tip: A lot of folks like to insert a small rolled up filter. You can skip that arduous task if you roll the joint slightly fatter on one end so the joint profile looks like a torpedo or chop-stickYou can do this by leaving a small portion of the glue edge up and folding it tighter on one end.  

Step 6: Use the pointy end of the scissors to gently pack both ends of the joint in about 2 millimetres. Twist one end of the joint and cut off the excess with the scissors  

Way to go. You’ve gone from beginner to joint rolling winner. It might take several tries before you get it perfect, but we believe in you.

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