How to Grind Cannabis Without a Grinder

How to Grind Cannabis Without a Grinder

Sure, a good grinder will seamlessly cut through your dry herb. But what if, for some reason, you don’t have one? From scissors to blenders,  here are some common household items that will get the job done in a pinch.

Picture this, you’ve come home from purchasing that ​real good, locally grown sticky stuff and are ready to indulge when you realize you‘ve misplaced your grinder. How will you grind up your fresh cannabis without it?

This scenario may feel like a catastrophe to the more inexperienced cannabis users, but many dedicated smokers will tell you: there is more than one way to skin a cat, or, in this case, to grind your flower. With a little ingenuity and some simple household items, you’ll be able to turn those blooming buds into a smokable heap in no time.

What are cannabis grinders?

Using a grinder is the quickest and easiest way to maintain uniform size in your cannabis; it will lead to even burning, the most combustion, and even leaves those precious trichomes (containing cannabinoids) intact. This small, compact tool twists the buds into a size for optimal consumption of all parts of that precious flower. While an herbal grinder is typically preferred, with a few helpful tips you can still enjoy your green without using one.

Why is grinding cannabis important?

You may be wondering why we even need to grind our cannabis before smoking it. The reasons behind grinding the cannabis into smaller pieces are more than just fitting it into your rolling papers. If you don’t break it up, you leave less of a surface area for burning—an even combustion surface ensures you get all the product out of your cannabis and leaves nothing unburned and wasted.

There are a couple of common questions around smoking and grinding cannabis:

Q. Does cannabis smoke better when ground?
A. The short answer is, yes. Grinding your cannabis to even consistency is important and will enhance the smoking experience. Be careful not to grind it too fine; dust is difficult to roll and doesn’t burn as consistently.

Q. How do you properly grind cannabis?
A. The ideal tool for grinding cannabis is a dedicated herb grinder, but you can get the job done without one. All you need are some household items and creativity. You’ll be sparking up and calming down in no time.

How to grind cannabis without a grinder

So, we’ve accepted that the optimal grinding tool is unavailable, now what? Here are a few tried and tested ways to break up your cannabis quickly so you can get rolling.

Scissors and a shot glass​: This is the best option if you are at home, especially because both tools are easily available in most households. Fill the shot glass 3⁄4 way full with buds, point the nose of the scissors down inside the glass, and snip away! Make sure to pay attention that you are cutting pieces evenly, and remember to use clean and sharp scissors.

Coffee grinder​: This item is, in fact, also a grinder. So it is extremely effective in bustin’ up the buds. Two things to take note of: a coffee grinder can quickly turn your THC covered cannabis into an almost unsmokable powder. So keep a close eye on what you’re doing as this one is powerful. Post use, you will also want to thoroughly clean the blades of the grinder, as they can easily become sticky with resin.

Blender: ​This choice is a little out there, but hey, if you gotta get that cannabis cut, it will work in a pinch. Similar to a coffee grinder, its powerful blades should be used sparingly and can get quite gummed up, especially if your plant is quite dank. Remember to clean the blender thoroughly after or someone might have a surprise in their morning smoothie.

Yer hands, man!​: This one is self-explanatory and obvious but also comes with some pros and cons. The pros: we all got ‘em and you can pull apart your cannabis with your hands anywhere and everywhere—no assembly required. One of the major cons to using your hands is that the sticky resin crystals that get left behind on your fingers means less product to consume. And if the strain is particularly sticky (​like a handcrafted, organically grown cannabis would be​), this can be quite a difficult task.

So whether you’re buzzing it up in a blender, grinding away with an alternative grinder, or picking and pulling with your fingers, there are plenty of ways to get your cannabis in smoking condition. Once it’s ground, here’s how to ​roll up a perfect joint ​and be on your way to smokey bliss.

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