How Can Cannabis Help With Meditation

How Can Cannabis Help With Meditation

Maybe you’ve tried mediation and are looking for a way to step up your mind body practice. Or perhaps you’re seeking to take your cannabis consumption to another level. Either way, read this.

Cannabis & Meditation – How It Can Help 

In these modern times of overstimulation, excessive screen time, and struggles with anxiety and depression, many seek a reprieve. Two common tools that more and more people are turning to for relief are cannabis and meditation. Both boast significant health benefits and have been proven to positively affect stress levels. Meditation and cannabis used together can create a space of relaxation and mental wellness that can be life-changing.

What is Meditation?
Meditation is a centuries-old practice in which one trains the brain using techniques such as mindfulness, focusing on the breath and other visualizations to create a mindstate of calm, clarity and peace. With time and continued practice comes the ability to perceive thoughts at a distance, helping with emotional reactivity, and many other mental and physical health benefits. The judgment-free perceptions of thoughts and emotions give a healthy sense of perspective that can lead to an overall happier outlook on life.

Meditation is traditionally practiced by sitting in silence and focusing on the breath or another point of focus and letting the thoughts that will inevitably arise pass by without much importance. This tool is very powerful but does take regular practice, as many find sitting in silence with their own minds to be a daunting and difficult task.

Combining Cannabis with Meditation
Cannabis and meditation seem to be a match made in relaxation heaven. Some people who use cannabis find that it has a grounding and relaxing effect, many who practice meditation are also searching for these states of being. There is a common saying in mindfulness circles, “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re too busy, then you should sit for an hour.”

This illustrates a common issue that many people experience busyness, anxiety, and an inability to truly let go of their daily stressors and worries. Both cannabis and meditation function to relieve many of the same issues, and combined can be a double dose of chill.

There is some science to back up the idea that meditation and cannabis use are two sides of the same coin. When we meditate or do any form of exercise, we are naturally supplementing our endocannabinoid system and giving ourselves a similar boost that a puff of a joint might provide. It goes to reason that the combination of the two might get us to a place of relaxation and bliss that neither one could achieve on its own. Cannabis can be the vehicle to get your mediation practice to a deeper level of inner connection and you can start to reap the benefits of this technique sooner.

Benefits of Utilising both Cannabis and Meditation Together
According to the Rastafarian religion (those known to use cannabis in their ritual and spiritual practices), “The herb is key to a new understanding of the self, universe, and God. It is the vehicle to cosmic consciousness.”

The benefits of utilizing cannabis and meditation together could go deeper than a blissful high, many believe that there is a deeply spiritual connection between the two.

Historical texts called the Vedas, written in India around 1500 BC, name cannabis to be one of the five “sacred plants” and several religious sects, including some Buddhist practices, have introduced cannabis as a part of their meditation rituals.

Many spiritual festivals the world over also hold cannabis as a sacred and powerful plant, and these philosophies connect to the ability of cannabis to take its users to other places. Indeed, the benefits of creativity with cannabis use have been well documented​ and the link between all three—creativity, meditation, and cannabis use—is undeniable.

Whether the grounded quality that you may feel after using cannabis is your desired mental state or the clear and pronounced focus of meditation is what you are seeking, the combination of the two will certainly kick your spiritual or creative practice up a notch.

Techniques for Using Cannabis For Meditation
When deciding to meditate with the help of cannabis, always assess your own relationship to the substance to decide your own personal level of tolerance and desired high.

A newer cannabis user may microdose a gentle, relaxing ​indica​ with a vape pen to have a more focused and precise dosage of the cannabis. Meanwhile, a more experienced cannabis fan may decide to smoke a bright and energy-inducing ​sativa before meditation in order to receive maximum benefits of mental clarity.

Consume your cannabis right before your meditation session, making sure to sit in a quiet place without interruptions. Put on your favourite music or guided mediation and enjoy the benefits of these wonderful and powerful tools.

Always remember with mediation and cannabis to inhale, exhale, and float away.

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