BC Organic Apple Toffee Arrives In Time For Fall

BC Organic Apple Toffee Arrives In Time For Fall

There’s plenty to love about autumn, from the colourful foliage to the seasonal sweets and gatherings with family and friends around the fireplace and dining table. We’ve got another reason to be excited.

Another reason to be excited for the transition into cooler weather? The arrival of our latest and greatest cultivar: BC Organic Apple Toffee. If you’re jumping at the chance to once again wear your favourite cozy sweaters and sip those delicious pumpkin spice lattes, remember that your cannabis routine deserves a few seasonal swaps, too. At least, that’s what we think.

Read on to learn more about BC Organic Apple Toffee, a delicious cultivar we’re obsessed with right now.

About This Hybrid Strain
BC Organic Apple Toffee is a slight indica-leaning hybrid strain parented by tastebud tickler Sour Apple and the nutty, vanilla flavoured Creme Brûlée. This insanely delicious cultivar offers a distinct aroma and taste that certainly lives up to its name.

Flavours & Aromas
Visually, this terpene rich cultivar has big, thick leaves surrounding slightly fluffy-looking, yet dense buds. With a lineage of Sour Apples and Crème Brûlée you get an interesting combination of kushy and fruity aromas.

Smoking this strain might make you think of butter toffee accented with the taste of dried apples. It has uplifting effects that can last a good amount of time, which makes it ideal for when you want to unwind. Don’t be surprised if you’re engulfed in feelings of happiness and deep relaxation after smoking her.

Terpene Profile: Caryophyllene 0.9%, Limonene 0.6%, Farnesene 0.4%, Humulene 0.2%
Aromas: Gas, Apple
THC Range: 18-24%
Total Terpenes: >3.1%

Standout Features
What makes this cultivar stand out is that it’s a terpene-rich, high-THC strain featuring gorgeous large flowers.

In Our Greenhouse
“This cultivar has proven to be extremely hardy in our greenhouse,” says Matt Wolfe, Cultivation Manager. “It comes from a very strong mother stock and has proven itself throughout all stages of growth all the way up into the flower compartments. This particular cultivar requires a lot of training in the vegetative state in order to produce the desired canopy that we are trying to achieve. This particular phenotype of this cultivar will always be a winner in our greenhouse.”

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