Nature At Its Rawest

Organic certified. Handcrafted in BC.

When nature is at its rawest, it is both captivating and formidable in equal measure.

With our cannabis – certified organic and grown true to the raw fundamentals of nature – we’d ask you to heed the same warning.

Because while our cultivars might look like those you’ve seen before, they are a different beast entirely.

Our greenhouse
Delta, BC
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Introducing the Layer J

The Simply Bare Layer J is an all new infused pre-roll experience. Two cultivars collide in this pre-roll where the bottom is filled with milled whole flower and hash of one cultivar, while the top is filled with the rosin and milled whole flower of another. We hand select each cultivar to curate a smoke like no other, with melt in your mouth flavour and cultivar combinations, you'll want to try each one of our rotating offerings.

Introducing The Layer J

What Is Cannabis Tolerance

Cannabis tolerance: what is it and can you develop one? It’s all about balance. Learn if, and when, you need to take a tolerance break.