Nature At Its Rawest

Organic certified. Handcrafted in BC.

When nature is at its rawest, it is both captivating and formidable in equal measure.

With our cannabis – certified organic and grown true to the raw fundamentals of nature – we’d ask you to heed the same warning.

Because while our cultivars might look like those you’ve seen before, they are a different beast entirely.

Our greenhouse
Delta, BC

BC Organic High Society

This FVOPA organic certified cultivar is a cross of the Biscotti and Jet Fuel OG cultivars. This hybrid has bright orange pistils and shades of green with a smattering of purple covered in trichomes. When you open the jar you’ll get aromas of fruit and gas; as you inhale the flower you’ll get notes of spice, sweetness and petrol.

High Society

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